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JavaScript Newsletters You Should Read

Over the past year, I have subscribed to a number of JavaScript newsletters which have done a good job in keeping me abreast of all the latest JavaScript tools and techniques I never have time to learn. I’d like to pass those along to you.

And, no, the curators of these newsletters haven’t paid me a dime. They don’t even know who I am. I’m only sharing what I like. So there.

And the list is…

JavaScript Weekly

This one is my favorite. Arrives once a week on a Friday afternoon. I can then spend the last two hours of my work week drooling over some of the best JavaScript work by the best developers around the world.

Are you serious about advancing your JavaScript career? Do you want to be the life of your next JavaScript party? Subscribe today.

Node Weekly

What’s today’s JavaScript without a little server-side magic? If you think JavaScript is only for the browser, think again. Node is such a wonderful technology for us JavaScript geeks. We can develop both on the client side and the server side with little brain-altering change in thinking. And, yes, I used to be a PHP dude from WAY back (1990’s). Now I do everything in Node.

Frontend Focus

Not exclusively JavaScript, but if you’re a client-side JavaScript developer, I bet you’ve done a lot with HTML, CSS, SVG, MOUSE. šŸ™‚ Frontend Focus is a great newsletter that keeps you up-to-date with all the great goodies that affect those of us who battle the client-side war everyday.

You can even read up on the CSS in JavaScript wars – but do it somewhere else. I’ve got enough shrapnel to last a life time.

Serverless Status

Finally, there’s Serverless Status, a weekly newsletter devoted to that voodoo in the sky we call Serverless … uh … servers. Serverless is something I’ve only recently gotten into, and it’s been a game changer for me. As much as I’ve wanted to be one, I am not a server person. This newsletter helps me determine the best and latest technologies I can use so I *don’t* have to build my own servers.

And in conclusion…

Leave a comment on your favorite newsletters. I’d love to look at what you’re reading.

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