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This Virtuoid Week (20190929)

Greetings from 28 Herlig in beautiful Comma Satia! Got to comment on the temperature again – today was the first day in what seems like YEARS that it wasn’t 90+. In fact, we hit 99 just a few days ago (our average is 73).


Refactoring of the game continues on. I’m just about done with the Sign Up process. I’ve also been thinking about what I would offer in the game.

Still on target for Halloween Night release! Get the candy ready.

The Game

Refactoring has gone quite well this past week. It’s amazing how much bad code you discover when you revisit code that hasn’t been touched in months. The error message system was a complete mess. I was able to determine a cleaner, more effective component to handle errors. It even handle AWS errors. Now it’s just a matter of dropping the component into a view, adding the error data, and bingo! Instant error messages. I love Vue.

I also started rewriting my unit tests and attempting to figure out how E2E tests work in Vue. The CLI generated a test for me, but it fail spectacularly. Apparently, there was some missing libraries. I’ll check into that this week.

The Thinking

If this game is going to be Billion Dollar Game, it may be a good idea to come up with a – I don’t know – design? Is that the word?

She said it best

The original design is to be an Economic Modeling system, where, basically, you build an economic empire. You can select Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Sports Management, what ever your heart desires. Compete against millions of other people for the right to call yourself the Baron of Durshi.

The second idea is to allow players to create governments. Yes, that’s right, you too can run your own dictatorship in your own country. All you need is willing players to help you. The concept is simple: You can create you own town, a group of towns can create their own district (called counties here in the United States), and group of districts can create Provinces (called States here in the United States), and finally a group of Provinces can create a Country (called … uh … a Country here in the United States).

Combine economic gaming with governmental gaming, and you have a recipe for a Billion Dollar Game.

Of course, you will be allowed to stage coups…

Social Media

I’ve been looking a lot lately at some of the posts from not only JavaScript gurus, but the Vue community also. I will share some posts with you as time permits me to do (real work has been intense).

I do not follow Politics (except on Reddit).

Giving Back

No additional posts this week, although there is a very interesting post by the Javascript Daily crowd that looked real interesting. Give it a read:


My Falcons lost again (didn’t I also post that last week?). I hear that Ms. Greezy’s Fifth Grade class is offering to play defense next week.

Off to see the Sunday night game.

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