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This Virtuoid Week (20191006)

Greetings from 28 Herlig in beautiful Comma Satia! A day late with the update, as my wife broke her foot last week. Found out today that it was nothing serious, but with that happening early in the week I found literally no time to work on the game. But, hey! That’s the way it goes. This week promises to be better.


No progress made on the refactoring of the game. Halloween target release is in jeopardy. Have been thinking about the financial system in the game.

The Game

As mentioned last week, refactoring is going on. When I release – maybe Halloween? – the only thing that will be available will be the sign up process and a game screen that communicates with an AWS GameLift server. For now, that will be enough. For later? It’s time to start listing out the ideas that I have.

The Thinking

I would love to have a Banking / Investment system available for the players. In all the games I’ve played, there has always been a monetary system. Normally, that took the form of slaying the random monster and getting the gold. In others, you could buy/sell/trade, and even keep your money in a “bank”. But not really much else.

Money Money Money

What about the ability to invest in companies, buy/sell stocks, create your own bank – even play as a Banker, Investment Officer, Trader, or maybe even a Broker?

I’ve always thought that the Financial Industry has taken a back seat in most games. It would be great to figure out how to get something like that going in Virtuoid.

Social Media

Twitter can be a strange place. Some one makes an innocent comment, and others treat them like they’ve committed the opening acts of World War III. It’s bizarre.

But, it’s Social Media. You’ve got to take the good with the bad, and I’m learning a lot just from reading other people’s tweets.

I haven’t done much this past week (due to broken feet).

Giving Back

I’ve not done any additional posts. I’ve got a lot of ideas I wish to cover, but I do have to be careful as to not run in violation of my current job’s contract. Perhaps that can change, and I can open source some of my code. We’ll see.


My Falcons didn’t lose this past weekend. They had a bye, so that’s as good as a win.

And I’ll never “black hole” Virtuoid like some other super-duper popular games we know. No – I’ll go out in a Super Nova.

So there.

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