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This Virtuoid Week (20191013)

Greetings from 28 Herlig in beautiful Comma Satia! Been a great week, ending today with driving a staple through my left index finger. Otherwise, a great week in which to work on Virtuoid.


Lots of refactoring on signup / signup confirmation / forget password flows. Starting on the refactor of the player section. Thinking about term definitions, and the history of Durshi. Now on Instagram, but not posting anything.

The Game

Now that my wife’s foot is healing, and before I attempted to staple my finger to a piece of wood, I got a great deal of work done on the refactoring. Specifically, I worked on the sign up, confirmation of the sign up, and the forget password flow. The most amazing thing was how many variations there is with a player’s account – all if the player has confirmed their account.

But I believe that I have covered all the bases concerning getting a player into the system. I will be adding MFA in the near future. For now, we’ll go with a simple username/password feature.

The Thinking

It was approximately 1975 that I drew out my first map, and the countries that I created over the next few years have morphed into what is now becoming the Virtuoid World. Over those last *cough* 44 years, I have created everything from back stories, legends, religions, and most importantly, languages for the seventy some-odd countries. And the country that will be the focus for the first iteration of Virtuoid will be Durshi, therefore, it’s customs, legends, and language will be used.

The Demigod Durshi (It’s really Thor)

Here are some of the terms you will need to know in the game:

  • Ducer (pronounced like Duser): The money of Durshi
  • Ducer (pronounced like Duker or Duser): A unit of distance equal to 1 kilometer. It’s always been pronounced like “Duser”, but modern Dursh are trying to get everyone to pronounce it like “Duker”. Entire books have been written as to why the same word is used for money and distance. I’ll summarize the debate one day.
  • Teg: Technically, “village”, but is used as any grouping of settlements. Used by itself (Teg Juystin – Justin City), as a suffix (Charlysteg – Charlesville), or as a descriptor (Tegun Damacite – City of Damacite).
  • Player: The physical human being from Earth playing the game.
  • Virtuoid: The “virtual” representation of the Player in the game.

That’s the first five. I’ll introduce more as space and time permits – or as I come up with them.

Social Media

I’m on Instagram! So what!

I also made a comment on Reddit.

I am SUCH the social media guru!

Giving Back

I’m still in the process of attempting to figure out what open source I can contribute. So nothing to report here.


My Falcons lost again. If they ever win again, I swear the Earth will come to an end.

See everyone next week!

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