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This Virtuoid Week (20191027)

Greetings from 28 Herlig in beautiful Comma Satia! So where were we last week? It was our local theatre’s Halloween Haunted Trail, and I got to spend the week preparing and performing in it. Lot of fun, and was WAY too tired to write a blog. That makes this week a two-fer.


Strong refactoring gains continues on the login process, and that is pretty much done. Work starts on the player screen. Considering back stories and trying to find time in Twitter.

The Game

I believe I have the entire login / forgot password / send code / signup process completed. It’s amazing how many variations there are in this process, and each must be accounted. Simple things like validations can take some work. Or all the differences there could be from AWS error messages (including one that I think is a security hole). But I feel I have them all covered.

Now we’re off to refactoring the Player screen. On our first attempt, you only had two functions: Create your Virtuoid and Play the Game. For now we’ll keep those same functions, but later we’ll have to add Player Account functions. Perhaps early next year.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, we didn’t release on Halloween. I’m delaying it until January 1st 2020 now.

What A Bummer

The Thinking

How important is backstory to this game? For many others, probably not important at all. To me, however, it is very important. The “game” has been around since the mid 1970s, and there is a lot of history stored up in my brain. Probably would be a good idea to blog it all down, but heck! Having time just to write the game is tough enough, but to also write?

Any hoo, I spent a lot of time over the past week creating the back story to the Durshision Empire and the Commonwealth (as it is officially known). Starting with the Durshi Empire of Cyrus Ponce sometime during the 5th century BB, to the isolationist period, the Resurgence and Declaration of 926 AB, the second isolationist period, the Revolution of 1081 -1083, the 3rd isolationist period, the Harol Gabsty period, WW II and the emergence of a World Power.

Lots to fill in – I’ve got to start that blog.

Social Media

I made my second Reddit comment. I am quickly becoming a social media god.

It is interesting that if you wish to get “into” social media, it basically becomes another job all on its own.

Giving Back

I had some major problems trying to get “clean” code from using asynchronous calls within a synchronous environment. Specially, I was trying to consume AWS calls (which all use Promises) within a specific Vue component (which in my application is rather synchronous). I was trying to consume it outside of using Vuex, but that didn’t seem like a good design. I’ll attempt to write a blog on my findings next week.


My Falcons didn’t play, thank God. These next two months are going to be very busy, so I hope to actually get the game in a playable form for January 1st.

Until next week!

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