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This Virtuoid Week (20191103)

Greetings from 28 Herlig in beautiful Comma Satia! Fall/Winter is finally here, and I got A LOT of work done this past week.


Finished refactoring the “Create Your Virtuoid” screen, moping up process begins. It’s time to start thinking about the game itself. Did another Reddit post and still trying to figure out Twitter.

The Game

Made some MAJOR progress this past week. Worked hard on refactoring the “Create Your Virtuoid” screen. This is the screen you first enter once you have created a player account. You are allowed one Virtuoid per account.

The Create Your Virtuoid page will present you with a choice of three Virtuoids. Once you select one of them, the second screen allows you to add up to twelve attribute points to one of the six attributes. The third screen allows you to assign an SAAB (Sex Assigned At Birth), a First Name, and a Last Name. Once you are happy with that, clicking “Create” will assign that Virtuoid to you. From this point on, you can play the game.

So all that’s left is to mop up and “strange” errors that occur during the entire login / signup / creation process. Then…who knows? I guess ready for production publication!


The Thinking

With the initial process just about done, I guess it’s time to think about the game itself. I didn’t think much about it this past week – being involved in the refactoring process does that to you.

Therefore, I really don’t have a good update for this week. Next week may bring something even more, since – really – it’s time to actually develop the Game of the Century.

Social Media

I made another post on Reddit!!!

I’m still trying to figure out Twitter, though. I simply do not see how people with hundreds or thousands of follows can sort through all the information that comes up. Heck, I have twenty follows and find it difficult. But if I’m going to be the Gaming God, I need to know how to communicate through Twitter.

Giving Back

Still nothing on sharing code. The good news is that the company for which I work just reissued directions on things like being on boards, meet-ups, and other organizations (Github) for this I can share code. Once approved, I can actually post code to help others understand what I’ve learned.


MY FALCONS WON TODAY! No need to say more, as the world is coming to an end.

Until next week!

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