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New Open Source Project – Copy To AWS Lambda

Our JavaScript world would not be what it is without the millions of people who write code simply to give it away for free. It enables others to learn, to create, and to eventually give back so that even more can become better developers and people.

And so, I’m at that point.

Well, I’ve been there for years – I just felt I never had anything good enough to share. But then you realize that even the smallest contribution can have the greatest impact, so … why not? I’ve taken from the Open Source community for years without giving anything back. And that’s selfish.

It’s time. Even in a small way.

While I’m working on the Greatest Game Ever Developed, my Billion Dollar Game, I created some helper apps in Node that allows me to publish code and whatnot to my AWS account. And this past week it hit me: I figured others might be able to use them.

And so I am proud – and a little nervous – to introduce my first Open Project.

“Copy to AWS Lambda” takes JavaScript code that is meant to be a Lambda function and publishes it to your Lambda store in your AWS Account. Simple and straight-forward.

Are there others like this? Sure, probably thousands. But they’re not mine. They are not my attempt to finally give back to the community.

Without further ado, here is the link to Copy to AWS Lambda (opens in new tab/window):

And it’s under the MIT license! So go have fun!

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