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HTML Character Entity Chart

There is a great resource out on that lists all the HTML Character Entities. You can see it here:

To use them, you enter the HTML Character Entities either by the name of the entity (such as ©) or the decimal code of the entity. For example, the following will give you the same thing – that is, the copyright symbol:

<p>This is a copyright symbol: &copy;</p>
<p>This is a copyright symbol: & #169;</p>

PLEASE NOTE: There is an extra space between the ampersand and the pound sign because WordPress went ahead and printed the actual character instead of the data. Don’t use the space!

I prefer the first method, since it gives you at least a clue as to the kind of character that will print out.

But that got me to wondering: What about the entities that don’t have an associated name? Are there any? What would it take to look at them?

To answer that, I created a quick short and simple web page that will display all the character codes from Number 0 to Number 120,831. No, there’s not really that many entities – it’s just that the characters are spread out all over the place, and that was the highest numbered one that I found.

If you want to see ALL the character entities, check out this web page that I’ve hung off of my Boring JavaScript web site:

You first select the size of the font to use. Next, select a group of ten thousand entities from the “Ten Thousands” group. Finally, select a group of five-hundred from the “Thousands” group. The page will generate five hundred codes for you, showing the character itself and the “&” version of the character. No need to know the names – if you see a character you like, just use the number like the second example above and you have your character.

How about all those “square box” ones? Those are invalid entity numbers. I haven’t figured out a way to get rid of them while generating the table. If you wish to give it a try, I have a GitHub site with the code. Feel free to fork, make the change, and send in a Pull request.

Have fun! See you around.

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