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Hi everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of Boring JavaScript! Today, we discuss Generator Functions! I’ve been waiting months to bring you this topic, and it’s a LONG one. But don’t worry! There is plenty of material to teach you the basics of generating your own iterators (and why you should do so). Crank up your video player, settle back with a hot beverage, and dive deep into a subject you’d be sure to use a lot.


Hi everyone! Time for another exciting foray into Boring JavaScript! Today we talk about functions – the heart and soul of all functional computer languages. We cover the classic function and arrow functions, plus why they differ. Our biggest snoozer yet! Check it out!

JavaScript Data Types

Yes, it’s another Boring JavaScript video – this time on the nine different datatypes in JavaScript. Ever wanted to know more about null? undefined? Symbol? Of course not! That’s why we made the video. Get your sleeping hats on, crank up the video, and be prepared to fall asleep.