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Hi everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of Boring JavaScript! Today, we talk about the String.replaceAll() method. Wait … don’t we already have a String.replace() method? Why do we need a replaceAll()? Well, that’s a good question. And I can only answer that if you open up the video. Grab some snacks, put away the sleeping pills, and get lulled to sleep as I tell you all about String.replaceAll(). #javascript #replaceall

String.padStart, String.padEnd

Hi everyone, and welcome to another snore-fest of an edition of Boring JavaScript! Today, I tackle the String.padStart() and String.padEnd() methods. Ever wanted to create your own pad? Well, go to Zillow or something, because the pad we’re going to talk about deals with quick and easy methods to left or right justify text. Sounds exciting, right? You bet! So crank up the Video Viewer, sit back, and see if you fall asleep within five minutes of watching this gripping video.


Hi everyone, and welcome to a QUICK edition of Boring JavaScript! Today, we tackle the String.charAt() method. Ever wonder how to retrieve a specific character from a string? Well, wonder no more! String.charAt() is perfect and getting that character so greatly desired. And the video is shorter than normal – it may not be able to put you to sleep! Fire up the video viewer and take a quick look. #javascript #charat


Hi everyone – it’s time for another snoozer of an episode of Boring JavaScript! This week, we tackle the String.matchAll() method. Are your tired of using loops to match a substring to a string? Get tired no longer! We’ll show you how to use Regular Expressions to match *every* occurrence of your string in the source string. As a bonus, we’ll show you how to use Named Groups! Turn off that alarm clock and watch the video.

JavaScript Data Types

Yes, it’s another Boring JavaScript video – this time on the nine different datatypes in JavaScript. Ever wanted to know more about null? undefined? Symbol? Of course not! That’s why we made the video. Get your sleeping hats on, crank up the video, and be prepared to fall asleep.